Who we are

Meet Giants is a project which is active in the field of peace and relations between countries. Members in this subject will ride their vehicles all around the world in all countries. Be aware of what “Meet Giants” is. Since Adam and Eve tense, this earth planet was in peace for 300 years all-told. Do you think can you increase this number with the world synergism? The “Meet Giants” is a big idea to do this important matter and needs your benevolence to be the ambassador of peace all-together and please the mother goddess.


Our Products & Services


Café Wafé del Attaché

¡Todos merecen sentir el café como el Wafé!

This is a café which you can feel the 4 elements in, and to have a home-feeling atmosphere with different and special menus for types of pets and for humans. Scheduled events of book reading, games, music nights, etc. will hold in the café. People who needs a workplace for start-up or having business meeting or for NGOs, can pick one of our rooms with sufficient facilities…


Yum Yum Tree Restaurant

El árbol de la comida del cielo…

Here is where you were seeking for having delicious foods from each single corner of the world. Our secret is the tree that feeds us from the heaven. You should try once to get what we are talking about!   


Overview Of Programs

Universal "Lonely Hope Crane" Convention

World is the ring around my finger!

We would like to invite you'll in the 1st yearly convention in honor of Global Peace by Tourism Industry which will be held on February the 11th, 2024 till April the 08th, 2024 on a combinatorial Armenia + Georgia + Turkey tour to unveil the latent potentials of the great project "Meet Giants" with the plan of coping with poverty, hunger and disease. A huge number of tourism specialists will participate in this event and it also will be held in other countries yearly. Hometown of this idea is the land of nature, which is the heart of the earth planet, lovely beautiful "Meyghan Wetlands".

The International "Attaché" Tourism Club

When the 2nd best isn't good enough!

A multinational group all over the world to perform activities related to tourism. It wants to pass the geographical borders step by step and increase its own branches. This will be a combination of a huge think tank, an international professional NGO, and an unlimited public cooperative company with multiple branches. That is not all, it will support cultural heritages, handicrafts, hospitality, transportation and so on. These all gives us the power to unveil the latent potential of tourism industry to the world using libraries, museums, guesthouses, homes and the School of Attaché.


Getting Started

What to Include?

First convention in three countries of Armenia, Georgia, and Turkey includes pre-tour, tourism courses, IELTS exam, start-up weekend, post tour, election for choosing the next year host country for the 2nd convention. Point is that the participants could be candidatures for planning and holding the next convention in their countries with the help of Meet Giants and international sponsorships and investments.

"The link between land & water! One of the most productive ecosystems in the world where is one of my habitats. I love Meyghan…"

Lonely Siberian Crane, Mundial symbol of HOPE!

Focus on Sponsorship for the project Meet Giants

Part of the event includes funding. Sponsorship enables us to showcase this event, and most importantly we invite billions of people from different social groups to these events thanks to your help. We also offer a range of benefits for your company, this is an opportunity to support communities, your brand is seen by a wide range of big businesses in the world, which participates in these events. We also need to mention the presence of social media, which has billions of people. In addition, you will have the opportunity to attend pleasant and inspiring nights as Gala-Banquets to see the result of these wonderful activities with your own eyes. Your support of this project provides a great opportunity to increase your brand loyalty as well as a broad definition of your brand and a large audience, as well as demonstrating your company's commitment to your brand's social responsibilities as well as the participation of your employees which sets you apart when applying to target communities. And also "Meet Giants" is a great opportunity to reach thousands and millions of key customers that have a significant impact on your organization's purchasing decisions.

We offer many ways to influence and engage these participants in unique ways with real-world communication. We try to focus on bringing the customer closer and building our audience loyalty for your brand. In addition, our audiences are encouraged to connect with our executive partners who offer reliable solutions.

Workshops, Networks and Performances: By organizing various parts of destination development, including training, information and helping to develop businesses, we prepare users with the right tools to compete the market.

Researches: Conducting a comprehensive research program, conducting a review and analysis phase, quantitative and qualitative research with the result provided are key to guiding our strategy to help identify customer insights. This research program forms the basis of our philosophy and guides our strategic support for mass marketing and application product development.

Updates in today's industry: Communications are vital, and newsletters from tourism and its subsidiaries keeps you up to date with current news and trends in the tourism industry and its subsidiaries, changes in corporate governance, budget announcements and keeps your opportunities for collaboration in these industries up to date like media versions.

Collaborating Marketing: Collaborating with key companies, including international destinations, major media organizations and tour operators, etc., to facilitate cooperative marketing opportunities, will ultimately make benefit for members and destinations around the world.

Public Relations: "Meet Giants" has its own executive communications that ensure we are in the right relationship with the right people. We can assist and support new products, services, tourist attractions, or events by writing, publishing and distributing press release.

Multi-sectoral membership: We offer access to a unique mix of academics, employees, vendors, and more.

And finally, the sponsorship advertising tariff will be sent to you after your reply on attache@meetgiants.com with downloadable relevant pre-contract, in the case of agreement sent us your comments attached to the contract.

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