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Dr.Hossein Abdali

Hossein Abdali , MD, plastic and cosmetic surgeon and craniofacial surgery fellowship of America, Associated professor of Isfahan University of medical Sciences , was born in 1964 .
He obtained in 1983 and completed the doctorate program of medicine in 1989 with honors.
He completes the four year general course of surgery at school of medicine in Isfahan university and a specialized board certificate in surgery was conferred on him 1993.
Dr. Abdali continued his subspecialty education in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery in Tehran University of Medical Sciences f...rom 2003 to 2006 and craniofacial fellowship on 2014 in U.S.A.
He has held various positions as:
- Head of Isfahan University Plastic Surgery Department
- Chief of Isfahan Craniofacial and Cleft Research Center
- Secretary of Isfahan society of plastic surgery
- International member of American Society of Plastic Surgeon (ASPS)
- Active member of International Society of Plastic Surgeon (ISAPS)
- Active member of Iranian society of plastic surgeon
- Member of American Cleft Lip and Palate Society (ASPS)
He has attended different congresses and conferences and has done different activities .
In addition , he has passed courses in different fields such in America, Germany and France.
Moreover , he has passed courses in the nose , abdomen , chest and chin surgery and also.
Various kinds of prosthetics , liposuction and lipolysis .
He has presents more than 71 lectures in National and International conferences.
He has presented over 30 scientific article in different journals and lectured in mere than 60 international conferences.
If should be noted that he has published five books in medicine and plastic and cosmetic surgery . Dr Abdali work as plastic surgeon in Isfahan , Iran and Dubai, E.U.A.
What is breast lift surgery or mastopexy?
Breasts are one of the most obvious and important indicators of beauty in women, which play a significant role in their self-confidence. Factors such as aging, pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight changes, especially severe weight loss, and genetic factors may be effective in sagging breasts.

Sagging breasts, especially during youth, can cause a decrease in self-confidence and feelings of frustration in women. Breast lift surgery or mastopexy gives the breasts a younger and more beautiful shape by raising the drooping breasts.

The purpose of mastopexy surgery
The breast lift operation tightens the breast tissue and changes the position of the nipple. Breast lift surgery improves the appearance of the breast by raising the nipple and removing excess skin. Sometimes'>times it is necessary to place a prosthesis to fill the upper pole of the breasts. The purpose of breast lift surgery or mastopexy is to change the shape of the breasts, raise the nipples and achieve younger breasts with more symmetry and beauty.

Before mastopexy or breast lift surgery
Consulting and physical examinations are done in the first step in order to perform breast lift surgery. In the first meeting of the patient with the surgeon, usually measures such as:
Examination of the breasts in terms of size and symmetry and the presence of lumps in the chest or armpit
Assessment of nipple placement
Examining the patientʤs goals of surgery
It is performed and the surgeon considers other factors such as the age of the patient, family history of malignant diseases, history of smoking, underlying diseases, history of drug use, frequency of childbirth and duration of breastfeeding, etc. in order to be able to provide solutions and tips. Offer him a suitable one.

Is breast lift surgery suitable for me?
Many women are sensitive to their appearance and the beauty of their bodies, and this tendency increases with the increase in societyʤs awareness is increasing It is natural that if there is any problem, they want to solve it in a correct and scientific way without any complications. Having loose and saggy breasts can be one of the reasons for their desire for breast lift surgery.

Recovery after breast lift surgery
After the surgery, the surgeon will provide the necessary instructions regarding the correct care after the breast lift surgery.
After surgery, sensitivity or even lack of sensitivity may be experienced in the areola or nipple area, but this is normal and temporary.
Scars and incisions heal over time and become very faint after about six months to a year. Although rarely, in some people who are prone to keloid, it may become dark and prominent and look like extra flesh. Usually, after the operation, doctors recommend using anti-scar creams or silicone sheets, which reduce the number of stitches.

Pain medication prescribed by a doctor is usually only needed for a few days. But oral antibiotics should be used for at least five days.
A relative rest of three to five days at home is enough, and usually people can return to their previous activities after a week. But sports activities are prohibited for at least four weeks.
Patients should not use spring bras for up to two months and preferably use medical bras and otherwise sports bras (stretch).
Bruising and swelling will disappear about two weeks after the breast lift operation.
Lifting heavy objects separately should be avoided.

View the results after breast lift surgery
The results of breast lift surgery can be seen immediately after the surgery. Over time, post-operative swelling and bruising will disappear and incision lines will fade. Some of these cut lines are hidden in the area under the breast and others are visible on the surface of the breast. However, most cuts fade well enough. This process takes about a year.

last word
Mastopexy or breast lift surgery is one of the breast cosmetic surgery methods that has many fans among women. Considering the importance of this surgery in terms of aesthetics and the tendency of many women to perform it, it is considered necessary and important to refer to a specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery before any surgery.

Note that every surgery can have complications, so in order to reduce the possibility of these complications, be careful in choosing your surgeon.

Mastopexy in Emirates
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Associated Proffessor 2014/01/01 فایل ضمیمه

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