Rhinoplasty in Emirates

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Dr.Hossein Abdali

Hossein Abdali , MD, plastic and cosmetic surgeon and craniofacial surgery fellowship of America, Associated professor of Isfahan University of medical Sciences , was born in 1964 .
He obtained in 1983 and completed the doctorate program of medicine in 1989 with honors.
He completes the four year general course of surgery at school of medicine in Isfahan university and a specialized board certificate in surgery was conferred on him 1993.
Dr. Abdali continued his subspecialty education in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery in Tehran University of Medical Sciences f...rom 2003 to 2006 and craniofacial fellowship on 2014 in U.S.A.
He has held various positions as:
- Head of Isfahan University Plastic Surgery Department
- Chief of Isfahan Craniofacial and Cleft Research Center
- Secretary of Isfahan society of plastic surgery
- International member of American Society of Plastic Surgeon (ASPS)
- Active member of International Society of Plastic Surgeon (ISAPS)
- Active member of Iranian society of plastic surgeon
- Member of American Cleft Lip and Palate Society (ASPS)
He has attended different congresses and conferences and has done different activities .
In addition , he has passed courses in different fields such in America, Germany and France.
Moreover , he has passed courses in the nose , abdomen , chest and chin surgery and also.
Various kinds of prosthetics , liposuction and lipolysis .
He has presents more than 71 lectures in National and International conferences.
He has presented over 30 scientific article in different journals and lectured in mere than 60 international conferences.
If should be noted that he has published five books in medicine and plastic and cosmetic surgery . Dr Abdali work as plastic surgeon in Isfahan , Iran and Dubai, E.U.A.

Rhinoplasty is a type of surgery that changes the shape, form, structure and size of the nose in order to balance and improve the beauty of the face or to improve and eliminate respiratory defects. The purpose of rhinoplasty can be a combination of therapeutic and aesthetic purposes, in such a way that in addition to improving the appearance, the personʤs breathing or structural problems of the nose are also fixed.

Rhinoplasty in Emirates
Rhinoplasty in Dubai
Rhinoplasty in Iran


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Associated Proffessor 2014/01/01 فایل ضمیمه
Associated Proffessor 2014/01/01 فایل ضمیمه

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