USSD Service

USSD Codes

and why we use them

USSD stands for Unstructured supplementary service data which enables the sending of messages through codes to clients on a GSM platform. This method stands on the grounds of interaction with mobile operators.

In this method, the sent data will be answered with no saving the texts, which is called Session-based, meaning that after receiving a request from a cellphone, a user area is defined for the specific user and the software starts communication with the user.

The method is menu based. The user dials a USSD code and sends the request to the network and upon receiving the request, pre-set menus are displayed to the user.

In the end, the user will continue requesting and the software will continue guiding the user through his/her user area.

USSD benefits

iNoti provides USSD services and enables its users to be able to benefit from USSD codes with small fees compared with other operators providing the services.

Fast responses

The data is sent without being saved with the speed of 1000 mb/s.

High security

Data transfer occurs through operators LTE bands and iNoti servers on a secure basis.

Added value

Using USSD codes, unlike other similar services, are cost free both for customers and owners.

USSD Customers

Some customers that have trusted iNoti USSD codes are as follows

MirasFarhangi Inoti
Cultural Heritage Organization
bargh Inoti
Regional electricity Organization
AboFazelab Inoti
Water and Wastewater Organization
Adidas Inoti

USSD tools and instruments

What can we do with them ?

creating unlimited menus

sending location link

5 choice surveys

online payment to the USSD code owner

creating shopping cart

creating draws

selling sim card balance

saving user contact information

selling padvish antivirus

online visit arrangement system

customer request management

free of cost customer id verification

entering management panel without the need for having a password and creating one-use passwords

changing user password (in your WebSite)

creating two-step verification

ATL on purchases

online payment for payments under 2 million Rials

selling simcard internet packages

information display based on user taste

report formation from servers

USSD Service Pricing

You can try Services for 1 hour

direct USSD CODE

for Expample *6655*[Your Chosen code]#

2 Digit

480.000.000 Rial

3 Digit

300.000.000 Rial

4 Digit

180.000.000 Rial

5 Digit

60.000.000 Rial

6 Digit

36.000.000 Rial

7 To 11 Digit

18.000.000 Rial

non-direct USSD Code

for example *6655*1*[your chosen code]#

1 Digit

240.000.000 Rial

2 Digit

48.000.000 Rial

3 Digit

30.000.000 Rial

4 Digit

18.000.000 Rial

5 Digit

6.000.000 Rial

6 Digit

3.600.000 Rial

7 To 11 Digit

1.800.000 Rial

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