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EBC (electronic business card) is an effective way of communication with customers. In today’s hectic world, printed business cards have faced a decline in popularity. Many people, after receiving a business card, forget why the card exists in their pockets and might even, in some cases, misplace it and forget completely that they had such a card. Furthermore, if the business owners make any changes on their business cards, they have no way of accessing their customers and providing them with the new cards. We have good news. iNoti has solved these problems through EBC codes, enabling the business owners to maintain a two-way communication with the customers, along with countless services that come with EBC codes.

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USSD stands for Unstructured supplementary service data which enables the sending of messages through codes to clients on a GSM platform. This method stands on the grounds of interaction with mobile operators In this method, the sent data will be answered with no saving the texts, which is called Session-based, meaning that after receiving a request from a cellphone, a user area is defined for the specific user and the software starts communication with the user. The method is menu based. The user dials a USSD code and sends the request to the network and upon receiving the request, pre-set menus are displayed to the user. In the end, the user will continue requesting and the software will continue guiding the user through his/her user area

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Gostaresh Tarahan Naghsh Almas knowledge-based company offers a novel way for your advertisement. Adsee android app works as an advertisement banner for your business and puts your business information on display in the best possible way



Padvish complete edition can completely protect your computer and information. Equipped with a comprehensive database, Padvish can identify and neutralize newest viruses. No need to worry aobut the security of your data. Move towards your goal with a free mind. What is worth mentioning is that iNoti has lowered the costs so that customers can purchase the antivirus software for multiple users and enjoy the complete edition

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iCV is among the latest iNoti services which is designed with the sole purpose of introduction of people and their skills. In fact, this service helps everyone have a personal web page, working similar to an complete web site with only one page. iCV could inlcude information such as biography, educational background, professional background, skills, non-profit activities, interests and hobbies. iCV helps people be seen and business owners can use iCV to get help in the recruitment program.

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SMS panels are nowadays among the most powerful of advertisement tools at the disposal of businesses and has a wonderful effect on attraction and retention of customers. Everyone who registers online on iNoti has access to iNoti SMS panel

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