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What is eNama?
eNama is the latest project presented by GTNA knowledge-based company for free video sharing and money making, enabling users to produce content and receive an income based on the views of the videos they have shared. The generated income will be deposited to the users' bank account.
The first concept which is mostly misunderstood is the concept of content production. A content producer provides content for online sources (such as websites, blogs, etc.) and considers the company’s policies in content production. A successful content producer should find new content according to the audience, which requires some research done. He / she should brainstorm the ideas and be creative in producing content and thus establish a good relation with the audience. In other words, finding novel methods is a content producer’s main concern.

eNama Media

eNam Online Video Sharing

Reasons to use


Content Management Panel

Programmed management panel to upload videos

Free User Panel and Countless Facilities

Countless facilities and cost-effective in comparison with host purchase and website establishment

Video Marketing and Money-Making

Sharing videos in eNama and earning an income per view

eNama Tools and Instruments

eNama Terms and Conditions

What does eNama provide?

Unlimited Video Upload

Swift and High-Quality Video Access

Different Video Qualities to Facilitate User Experience

Strong SEO for Better Video Visibility

Report of Views, Comments and Likes for Uploaded Videos

Payment Section Included

Live Streaming Available for Users

High-speed Network and Secure Structures

Upload Videos From Management Panel to iCV and eNama

Income Deposit to User Bank Account

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