About iNoti

About iNoti

Gostaresh Tarahan Naghsh Almas (iNoti), by the registry number of 419710 and national id number of 10320710696 and the economy code of 411556354471, after five years of research and development and establishing firm infrastructures, started “iNoti” project as an attempt to pay homage to the policy of resistive economy and developing businesses in the current era of novel businesses, in the field of digital marketing. Gostaresh Tarahan Naghsh Almas (iNoti) knowledge based company has narrowed down its goals to the following seven:

1- Providing offline services on USSD codes
2- Providing advertisement solutions in the form of mobile applications and SMS panels
3- Providing solutions for customer interactions through EBC and iCV
4- Providing online civil services
5- Providing social-business medias to improve digital marketing services
6- Providing native antivirus software
7- Providing personal pages to better introduce businesses on map
Gostaresh Tarahan Naghsh Almas has defined iNoti project in a way that all the legal and natural entities can not only use the services but also can earn an income and develop their businesses. They can introduce iNoti and its provided services to others and enjoy the benefits and the instant profit.

Pursuing provision of services for business owners (to develop their businesses) as well as establishing a native social media with a business related approach are among the issues that this company holds dear.
A large part of these prospects are implemented. The solutions provided by the company have direct effects on traffic congestion in the country’s cities, thus helping the environment which needs help especially these days. Also, we are planning to become the first Iranian Social-business media to go beyond the borders of Iran. We aim high.
iNoti experts have tried to provide the simplest solutions and meet customers needs. 5000 commited marketing experts are working in iNoti all around the country. The number is ever increasing as a result of the valuable trust gained through hard, honest work.
iNoti digital marketing services have brought about a revolution in the sales industry.
We are hoping to help our customers save time and prevent high costs.

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Gostaresh Tarahan Naghsh Almas (iNoti) knowledge-based company

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iNoti considers active and effective presence in traditional businesses, social media, and provision of services for customers as its duty; a duty which it seeks to fulfill with unmatched determination.
We plan to be the most effective agent in the field of digital marketing and businesses.
Many business owners can use iNoti services to develop their busiensses and maintain perfect customer retention rates.
Entrepreneurship is another aim we so whole-heartedly pursue; providing jobs for thousands and thousands of marketers, giving them the opportunity to make a living. In order to achieve this goal, we plan to provide fair shares of the sales for our marketers.
Every job applicant can enter iNoti, completely cost free, and receive a considerable profit through sales they make. If they have purchased iNoti services, they can use countless benefits provided by the services. iNoti always respects customer shares and does its best to provide them with the share they deserve. Even if they no longer work with the ocmpany, as long as their customers are working,

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