Why use iNoti dashboard


iNoti Dashboard

iNoti website provides countless tools and instruments such as EBC, USSd, SMS panels, and Adsee for the customers. iNoti management panel presents you with the best tool for data analysis.

Tools available in iNoti management dashboard helps you make the most efficient decisions and lower the costs as a result. We offer the best and simplest methods to manage your customers.

iNoti Dashbaord

Why do we use


Strategic Reasons

Strategic dashboards for the purpose of analogy and comparison to best enforce your plans

Analytic Reasons

The process of data analysis helps managers with decision making. These dashboards are equipped with tools for reviewing and comparison of data as well as business performance assessment.

Operational dashboards

These dashboards help monitoring of essential business functions and enable the managers to be able to monitor performance at all times

Dashboard Inoti

iDashboard Tools and Instruments

What can we do with iDashboard

User Friendly Environment Based on the Needs of Businesses

Easy to Use User Interface for Managers

Using Pre-defined Indices for Different Operational Fields

Using Graphic Elements Such as Graphs in iDashboard

Completely Responsive Web-based Software, Compatible with all the Displayed Pages

Attractive Presentational Tools and Special Interaction with Users

Drilldown Without Limit in Surface Numbers to Analyze Information

Compatible With all Browsers

Providing Numerous Reports with no Waste of Time

Improving Decision Making Processes and Performance

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