Padvish Antivirus

Why do we use ?

Padvish Antivirus

Total Security

Padvish complete edition can completely protect your computer and information. Equipped with a comprehensive database, Padvish can identify and neutralize newest viruses.

No need to worry aobut the security of your data. Move towards your goal with a free mind. What is worth mentioning is that iNoti has lowered the costs so that customers can purchase the antivirus software for multiple users and enjoy the complete edition. iNoti marketers can also receive a 30% profit from sales they make on the antivirus. The following are among the benefits of using Padvish

Antivirus Padvish

Why to use ?


Native and Secure Support

One of the most significant advantages of Padvish over the competitors is the fact that Padvish enjoys a powerful and patient technical support team, ready to answer customer needs at all times swiftly

Powerful anti-ransomware

Anti-ransomware is one of the few tools available to stand against malicious ransomware. We ensure data security.

Fast-paced scanning and threat elimination

Equipped with the most advanced of algorithms, Padvish has the least possible effect on system performance and minimizes the scanning time.

Padvish Tools and Instruments

Bureaucratic Server Definition

License Provision to Lower-hand Servers

Possibility of Automatic Removal of Old Logs to Maintain System Performance at its Best

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Central Isolation of Files From All the Systems Under Administrative Server

Availability of Online and Offline Activation System

Simple Installation and Update

Possibility of Definition of IP Limits in Connection to the Administrative Server

Definition and Management of Users Independent from Active Directory

Sending Low-volume Updates to Clients

Padvish Antivirus Pricing

Total Security Sensetive Data Organization

5 Users /2 Year

4.240.000 Rial

2 Users /2 Year

1.805.500‬ Rial

2 Users / 1 Year

1.203.500 Rial

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